God's Grand Design: For Israel and the World (Romans 9-11)

God's Grand Design: For Israel and the World (Romans 9-11)


Charles Ozanne
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"No where are God's inscrutable judgements and unsearchable ways shown up more clearly than in Roman 9-11. His purposes in mercy for Israel and the world are here revealed in all their grand design, magnificent scope and climatic fulfilment."

So writes the author in his introduction and he goes on to give us a clear insight into God's ways with Israel in the Old Testament; His purposes for believing and unbelieving Jews at the time covered by the Acts of the Apostles; His gracious provision for believe Gentiles at that time; and His ultimate plan for salvation of the whole nation is Israel and the whole world in the age to come.

Students of the Bible, of whatever persuasion, will find these writings will give them a clearer understanding of the New Testament in general and of the years following Christ's crucifixion and ascension in particular.

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Number of Pages - 36
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 1991