How to Approach the Bible

How to Approach the Bible


Michael Penny
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Speaker: Michael Penny

4 studies on 4 DVDs

Learn how to approach the Bible by applying the basic principles of interpretation to various important subjects.
(These are easy to follow studies as the speakers notes and references are shown on the screen.)

  • DVD 1: Progressive revelation. Who is a passage written to? When is it about? Circumcision. The Jerusalem Council.
  • DVD 2: The Sabbath; The Manna: The Kaw of Moses.
  • DVD 3: Miracles and the Jews. Miracles and the Gentiles. The significance of healing. Healing in the New Testament.
  • DVD 4: Dissatisfied with your prayers life? Prayer promises. Petitionary prayer. The use of ‘will’ and ‘may’ in prayer.
Number of Discs - 4
Number of Studies - 4