Introducing God's Plan

Introducing God's Plan


Michael Penny, Sylvia Penny
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Many people have a good knowledge of some of the events recorded in the Bible. However, they are less sure as to the order of these events, or how they fit into God's plan and purpose. They are aware of certain details in the Bible, but lack an appreciation of the total picture, and of what God's overall plan is.

Introducing God's Plan seeks to address this problem. It gives an overall perspective into which we can fit the knowledge we have, and the future knowledge we will gain. However, this is not a theological book in which the reader will get bogged down. Rather, it is a straightforward approach and the authors are hopeful that the reader will enjoy it and find it helpful in coming to a better understanding of the Bible and a greater appreciation of God's plan and purpose for the people of this world.

The book (of 186 pages, A5 size) is well presented with large easy-to-read print, punctuated with line drawings, maps and colour photos. It consists of 16 chapters, eight on the Old Testament and eight on the New.

After each chapter, there are three or four questions to answer, which help readers consolidate what has been read. These are followed by a summary of God’s plan up to that point, which builds up an overall view as readers progress. After that there are some puzzles, like a word search or spot-the-difference or anagrams, based on some aspect of the current chapter, and which reinforces what has been read. Finally there is a section giving the main Bible references used in that chapter.

This is an ideal book, not only for private reading, but also for Religious Education in schools, children in Sunday Schools, and home groups for adults who have, perhaps, just completed something like the Alpha Course, or who have little knowledge of the Bible.

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Number of Pages - 140
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2004