Introducing the Prophecy of Habakkuk

Introducing the Prophecy of Habakkuk


Michael Penny
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The shared theme of  all the Minor Prophets is the sins, punishment and restoration of Israel, and Habakkuk is no exception. However, he is also the only one who, having received the prophecy, does not simply declare the Lord’s answer that judgment will come at the hands of the wicked Babylonians, but also objects to this prospect in no uncertain terms:

‘What on earth are you thinking of?’ he demands of God. ‘You, who cannot tolerate wrongdoing, have appointed them to judge and punish us? Not to mention, what about those who remain righteous? Do we deserve to be treated like fish caught in a net?’

This booklet takes us through Habakkuk’s protests and God’s response, explaining the background and showing how Habakkuk’s powerful conclusion is still relevant for believers today.


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Number of Pages - 32
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2024