Introducing The Books of the Bible

Introducing The Books of the Bible


Brian Sherring
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There are many people today, both Christians as well as non-Christians, who are very unfamiliar with the Bible. They may have their favourite passages, but what is each book about, and how do all these books and letters fit together?

That may also be the situation of many of us. We may be very familiar with John’s Gospel or Ephesians, but what about Jude or Jeremiah, to say nothing of some … most …. or even all of the Minor Prophets? And where does Jude fit in with the rest of the New Testament?

The object of this well written book is to give a brief overview of what the 66 books of the Bible are about, and to place them in relationship to each other. As such it is a publication that many will find interesting and helpful to read, and it will be valuable to give to Christian friends who may need some help in understanding the Bible.

It has three useful appendices, one containing many useful and helpful notes.

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Number of Pages - 76
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2004