Key Episodes in the Life of Christ

Key Episodes in the Life of Christ


Edited by W M Henry
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This booklet was published at the same time as the 200th edition of Search magazine. It was felt this milestone should not simply be passed by, but what form of celebration or acknowledgement should there be?

It is obvious that if it wasn't for our Lord Jesus Christ we would not have been saved, and if that was the case, those who formed The Open Bible Trust would never have known one another and come together. Thus any ‘celebration’ should be focused on Christ, and so this publications is offered as a token of our deep gratitude to our Lord Jesus. In it, five major episodes in His life are considered:

  • His birth – Vicky Wilkinson,
  • His baptism – W M Henry
  • His crucifixion – Andrew Marple
  • His resurrection – Sylvia Penny
  • His ascension – Cliff Richmond.

We pray that the pages of this publication may give readers a greater appreciation of the one who gave Himself for us, so that we may have eternal life.

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Number of Pages - 38
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2017