Nahum's Vision Concerning Nineveh

Nahum's Vision Concerning Nineveh


Charles Ozanne
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Everyone has heard of Jonah, his thrilling experience with the whale, and his message of doom to Nineveh which caused the king and all the Assyrians to repent, turn to God and be saved, much to Jonah's displeasure!

However, by comparison there are few who have even heard of Nahum, let alone know anything of his prophecy. Yet Nahum went to the same city and same country as is the sequel to Jonah.

Nineveh's remarkable repentance at the preaching of Jonah did not stand the test of time and some 150 years later the city was again steeped in bloodshed and wickedness of every kind. The time for repentance having long past, Nahum was inspired to proclaim its unavoidable destruction, something which would have made Jonah smile!

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Number of Pages - 32
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2000