Natural Disasters And the Love of God

Natural Disasters And the Love of God


Roger Barnett
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Whenever there is a Natural Disaster anywhere in the world, a single point often recurs in the minds of many people: is there is a loving God?

If there is, where is He and what is He doing at times like this? Why does He allow such things to happen?

One the reason why this same point continually recurs may be because Christians continually fail to answer it convincingly, adequately, or even at all! These are not easy questions to answer and Roger Barnett should be congratulated at even attempting it! The hope of this little study is that it will be of value in equipping believers with a response that is in harmony with the Bible.

The author believes that the answer to such questions lies within the pages of the Bible. In short compass, he brings to light some of the reasons for Natural Disasters, and it may surprise the reader to find that these reasons vary for different places on the earth, and for different times in the history of mankind. He also sees, from the pages of Scripture, a time when there will be no more Natural Disasters. No more pain, no more death, no more tears. What a day that will be!

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Number of Pages - 16
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2019