New Testament Ministries

New Testament Ministries


J Eustace Mills
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The New Testament is a book about the Lord Jesus Christ and ‘He’ is the subject of all New Testament Ministries, whether that is …

  • The ministry of John the Baptist;
  • The ministry of Christ, Himself;
  • The ministry of The Twelve;
  • The ministry of His brothers James and Jude;
  • The ministry of the Apostle Paul.

While all those ministries have much in common, there are differences. For example:

  • John the Baptist testified to Israel that their Messiah and Saviour was about to visit them … and indeed He was now with them.
  • However, the Apostle Paul testified to the Gentiles of a Jesus who had ascended into heaven and who was now seated at God’s right hand.

All these different people spoke and wrote according to what they has seen and what had been revealed to them by Christ through His Holy Spirit. And their testimonies are preserved for us in the Holy Scriptures. These different ministries are well worth studying.

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Number of Pages - 201
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2016