New Testament Mysteries

New Testament Mysteries


Charles Ozanne
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This publication may have been better titled New Testament Secrets, as practically all translations have chosen to translate the Greek musterion by its transliteration, “mystery”, rather than by its actual meaning, “secret”.

It refers neither to anything mysterious or complicated, nor to something hard to know or difficult to understand. Rather it is the opposite. More often than not musterion refers to something which has been made known, a revealed or open secret, something that had been kept secret from former generations, but then was made fully known and so could be clearly and easily understood. That is what the secrets of the New Testament are like.

But how many revealed secrets are there in the New Testament? The reader will be surprised as to just how many there are!

An understanding of the secrets of God will help the diligent reader gain a far better understanding of the plan and purpose of God in this age of grace in which we live.

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Number of Pages - 36
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2008