Open Bible Trust Conferences 2

Open Bible Trust Conferences 2

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Various Speakers
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56 studies with PowerPoint presentations

This Data Disc is formatted for playing on PCs and some modern CD players. It can also be played on a DVD player. As well as containing recordings of the studies, it also contains the PowerPoint presentations used by the speakers. These can be followed on-screen while listening to the studies.

Michael Penny

In Heavenly Places – 3 studies 

  • ‘In heavenly places’: a phrase unique to Ephesians. 
  • What does it mean and why does Paul use it?

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream in Daniel 2 – 1 study

Problems in Prayer – 3 studies

The Purpose of Parables – 3 studies

The Seventy Sevens of Daniel 9 – 1 study

Michael and Sylvia Penny

The Book of Job & Suffering – 3 studies

  1. An overview of Job—Sylvia Penny
  2. Job & suffering—Michael Penny
  3. The end-product of suffering– Michael Penny

W M Henry, Michael Penny, Sylvia Penny

Abraham and His Seed – 8 studies 

  1. Setting the scene—W M Henry
  2. Abraham, the Man—Michael Penny
  3. The Lord’s Appearances to Abraham—Sylvia Penny
  4. Abraham’s Seed in the OT—W M Henry
  5. Abraham’s seed in the Gospels—S Penny
  6. Abraham’s Seed in Acts—Michael Penny
  7. Abraham’s seeds in Paul’s earlier letters—Michael Penny
  8. Abraham’s seed in Paul’s later letters—W M Henry

David and his Son – 7 studies

  1. Introducing David—a man after God’s heart: Sylvia Penny
  2. God’s covenant with David: William Henry
  3. The sons of David—Solomon, the son of promise: Sylvia Penny
  4. The Nation of Israel after Solomon: Michael Penny
  5. Messiah as Son of David in the Old Testament:   William Henry
  6. Messiah (Jesus) as Son of David in the New Testament: Michael Penny
  7. Summing up: William Henry

Andrew Marple, Michael Penny, Sylvia Penny

The Letters to the Seven Churches in Revelation – 9 studies

  1. The Background and Dating of Revelation—Michael Penny
  2. Ephesus—Sylvia Penny
  3. Smyrna—Andrew Marple
  4. Pergamum—Andrew Marple
  5. Thyatira—Sylvia Penny
  6. Sardis—Michael Penny
  7. Philadelphia—Andrew Marple
  8. Laodicea—Sylvia Penny
  9. Comparing the Seven Letters—Michael Penny

W M Henry, Andrew Marple, Michael Penny, Sylvia Penny

The Patriarchs – 5 studies

  1. Abraham—W M Henry
  2. Isaac—Sylvia Penny
  3. Jacob—Michael Penny
  4. Jacob / Israel—Michael Penny
  5. Joseph—Andrew Marple

W M Henry, Andrew Marple, Michael Penny, Cliff Richmond

The Speeches in Acts – 8 studies

  1. Introduction: Michael Penny
  2. Peter’s speeches to Jews:  W M Henry
  3. Peter to Cornelius: Michael Penny
  4. Paul’s speeches to Jews and God-fearing Gentiles: Andrew Marple
  5. James’ to the Jerusalem Council: Cliff Richmond
  6. Paul to Pagans: W M Henry
  7. Paul to the Jews in Rome: Michael Penny
  8. Summing up and conclusion: W M Henry

W M Henry, Andrew Marple, Michael Penny, Sylvia Penny, Cliff Richmond, Vicky Wilkinson

The Exalted Christ – 7 studies

  1. John 1:1-5: Williams Henry
  2. Hebrews 1:1-4: Cliff Richmond
  3. Colossians 1:15-20: Sylvia Penny
  4. Ephesians 1:19-23: Michael Penny
  5. Philippians 2:6-11: Andrew Marple
  6. Testimony: Vicky Wilkinson
  7. Summary: Michael Penny