Our Place in The Plan of God

Our Place in The Plan of God


Brian Sherring
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In his first publication for The Open Bible Trust, Brian Sherring wrote on Animals in the Plan of God. Now he turns his attention to the last 'animal' God created - man.

Looking around the world as it is nowadays, we may be tempted to doubt the very existence of God, let alone believe that there is any overall plan. But however chaotic things may seem to be, God has not left Himself without witness. The witness of creation itself prompts the questions, "Why?", "For what purpose?" Philosophers, intellectuals and people of all persuasions have, through the ages, asked these questions and some have proposed answers. It is, however, the premise of this booklet, that true answers to these questions may be found only in the Scriptures.

So, is there a purpose in life, or is it just meaningless? Has God a plan for mankind, or has He washed His hands of the human race? Are we adrift in space, or is there a definite goal? This booklet outlines the plan of God as it is revealed in the Bible. There we find that God does have a purpose for people which is centred in Christ Jesus, and that God will reach the goal that He has set.

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Number of Pages - 48
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2002