Philippians: 70 questions to help understanding

Philippians: 70 questions to help understanding

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W M Henry, Michael Penny
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This study guide divides Philippians into seven sections: see below.

After each section there are two sets of questions, for private contemplation or group discussion.

The first set of questions is designed to ensure that readers have a working knowledge of the issues dealt with in the passage.

And the second set challenges readers to look into the issues presented by Paul, and to examine their own faith and lives in the process. 

  1. Pure and blameless until the Day of Christ            1:1-11
  2. Paul’s priorities                                                       1:12-30
  3. The attitude of Christ Jesus                                    2:1-11
  4. Salvation worked out                                              2:12-30
  5. The danger of “confidence in the flesh”                 3:1-9
  6. Pressing on to win the prize                                    3:10-21
  7. 7. Unity and joy                                                          4:1-23