Resolving Apparent Contradictions in the Bible

Resolving Apparent Contradictions in the Bible


Advenigo C Casido
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We are told by critics that the Bible contradicts itself, but is this the case? At first glance this appears to be so, but these apparent contradictions are mostly resolved by considering:

  1. The problems caused by translation;  there is no exact 1-1 correspondence between words in two different languages
  2. The problems caused by transmission; errors which arise when, in ancient times, manuscripts were copied by hand.
  3. Problems caused by incorrect interpretation; misunderstanding  passages which seem to contradict each other.

The author has done a good job in bringing before the readers these three main causes of apparent contradictions. He does so simply and clearly, in a style which is easy to understand.

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Number of Pages - 24
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2009