Salvation: God's Provision and Our Response

Salvation: God's Provision and Our Response


Brian Sherring
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'Salvation' is a word which has slipped out of everyday language. People may talk about 'God' and 'church' but much less is heard about 'being saved'. However, from the looking at the world around us it is clear that mankind has a deep need; a need for peace today and a need for assurance of what is to happen 'afterwards' - i.e. after life has ended..

From its earliest chapters, the Bible speaks of man's great need for 'salvation', and from then on it runs like a golden thread throughout the Bible. However much man may need 'salvation', he can do nothing about it, but we need not despair. It is God who provides it and gives it.
This booklet is, thankfully, not a theological treatise of the subject of 'salvation'. Rather it considers the basic truth of 'salvation' which is enshrined in the words of Acts 16:31: "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you shall be saved."

With these words as his starting point, Brian Sherring looks at salvation from a number of different viewpoints, enabling the reader to see clearly just what salvation is, and that it is the most vital truth for every individual to understand and take hold of for themselves. Read this booklet, and then pass it on to others.

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Number of Pages - 28
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2003