Satan through the Bible

Satan through the Bible


Sylvia Penny
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This is a comprehensive treatment of all that the Bible has to say about Satan. Starting with his creation before Eden, it follows him and his activities throughout the Bible, culminating with his demise in the lake of fire.

It considers many of his different names and titles, dealing with what they mean or signify. It discusses such issues as whether or not Satan is omnipresent, and just how much he knows and understands.

And we have details and explanations about every encounter Satan had with people including Eve and Job, Jesus and Judas, Peter and Paul, and many others.

We have a great and powerful enemy, and it is important that we have a Biblical view of who he is, what he is like, and how he can influence both individuals and society today.

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Number of Pages - 122
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2015