Saturday, Sunday & the Sabbath

Saturday, Sunday & the Sabbath


Michael Penny
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In various countries of the world the law concerning what is permitted on a Sunday and what is not is something of a chaos.

At times governments have sought to change it but this has brought an outcry from various sections of Christendom. "It's the day of rest!" yell some. "There is no buying or selling!" shout others. According to a third section the majority have it wrong for the Sabbath should be the seventh day, Saturday. "Not so!" states the defence. It was changed from the seventh day of the week to the first.

In this comprehensive and compact booklet every reference to the Sabbath is considered, but not in a haphazard fashion. Recognising that revelation is progressive, the author follows the teaching on the Sabbath as it unfolds on the pages of the Bible and the conclusions he reaches will be of interest and help to all who wish to serve Christ according to the Scriptures.

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Number of Pages - 44
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 1988