Search Magazine - 176 (June - July 2013)

Search Magazine - 176 (June - July 2013)

Search Magazine

Various Writers
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The June 2013 edition of Search contains the following articles:

  • Editorial: To Change … or not to change? That is the question! Michael Penny
  • The Book of Job: Suffering, Pain and Patience: Study afternoons
  • Job: Suffering and the Deep Things of God: Brian Sherring
  • Young Searchers:  Joseph—A Type of Christ: Andrew and Andrea Marple
  • A Time to Keep Silent: Vicky Wilkinson
  • Report on the OBT Fellowship Weekend
  • Feedback: Your letters
  • Paul’s Letter to the Romans: Background and Introduction: Brian Sherring
  • Seven Feasts: The Feast of Trumpets: Charles Ozanne
  • Philippians: The Epistle of Joy: R B Shiflet
  • Philippians: Michael Penny
  • DVDs on Philippians
  • CDs on Philippians
  • Following Philippians: W M Henry & Michael Penny
  • By the Sweat of Your Face: Work! A Curse or a Blessing? Brian Sherring
  • New DVDs: Biblical Prayer: Michael Penny
  • Wisdom: Ancient and Modern: Roger Barnett
  • Report of Delving Into Daniel  study day.
  • The Role of Suffering: Michael Paine
  • The Cross: David Watson
Year of Publication - 2013