Search Magazine - 183 (August - September 2014)

Search Magazine - 183 (August - September 2014)

Search Magazine

Various Writers
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The August 2014 edition of Search contains the following articles:

  • Liberal or Conservative?: Michael Penny
  • The Bible! Myth or Message? by Michael Penny
  • An Overview of the New Testament: Bridlington Study Afternoon
  • Young Searchers: Pray with Thanksgiving: Andrew & Andrea Marple
  • The Faithfulness of God: Sylvia Penny
  • The Christian Resources Exhibition
  • Think about … Highly favoured: Michael Penny
  • The Sermon on the Mount: Nottingham Study Afternoon
  • The woman at the well: Colin Smith
  • The Speeches in Acts: Reading Conference
  • Feedback: Your letters
  • The OBT Fellowship Weekend
  • More Letters
  • Prophecy in Matthew’s Gospel
  • Apocalypse: Brian Sherring
  • Mapping the Lord’s Ministry: Cliff Richmond
  • Colossians 1:9-23: Charles Ozanne
  • The Mystery of Ephesians: Brian Sherring
  • The ‘No mores’ of Revelation: Brian Sherring
  • Cameos of Christ in the lives of some Old Testament Characters: Vicky Wilkinson
  • Two new books by Michael Penny
Year of Publication - 2014