Search Magazine - 186 (February - April 2015)

Search Magazine - 186 (February - April 2015)

Search Magazine

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The February 2015 edition of Search contains the following articles:

  • Editorial: Travel: Michael Penny
  • South Wales: Has God a Future for Israel?
  • Contentment: Vicky Wilkinson
  • Young Searchers: Pause and Make Time: Andrew and Andrea Marple
  • Feedback: Your Letters
  • I am happy with Jesus and the Bible
  • For your information and prayers
  • The Speeches in Acts
  • Australia and New Zealand: September and October 2014
  • Winter Reading
  • Bible Study CDs by Michael Penny
  • Know the Love of Christ: Laura Kestly
  • Study Booklets on Love
  • Haggai’s Third Prophecy: Sylvia Penny
  • Christian Resources Exhibition
  • Open Bible Trust Fellowship Weekend
  • Mapping the Lord’s Ministry: Cliff Richmond
  • Colossians 2:16-3:4: Charles Ozanne
  • More on Colossians
  • The  ‘No mores’ of Revelation: No more death … no more curse: Brian Sherring
  • More on Revelation
  • Latest Publication: Why Suffering? John Dimond
  • Important addresses
  • 32  Nottingham Conference: Praying with Paul