Sensational Truth in Ephesians

Sensational Truth in Ephesians


Charles Ozanne
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In his book Man and Time, J B Priestly states that the Apostle Paul “must have blazed through that pagan twilight like a rocket.” And, indeed, he did. He brought so much light to that darkened pagan world, not only though his teaching, but also through his letters. And Ephesians is no exception.

It is, in many ways, the high water mark of holy revelation. It was copied and sent to many, if not all, of the churches Paul had been to.

What it contained was new and different – startling, sensational! Yet relatively few Christians study it and appreciate just what is new in Ephesians.

May this publication open our eyes a little wider to the wonderful teaching in Ephesians which shows God is ‘rich’ in mercy because of His ‘great’ love for us. What does that great love and rich mercy result in?

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Number of Pages - 64
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2017