Studies in 2 Thessalonians

Studies in 2 Thessalonians


Michael Penny
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Paul visited Thessalonica on his second missionary journey but he was not there very long, just about a month, taking in only three Sabbath days. His time was cut short because, although some of the Jews believed, those who did not became hostile.

The extent of their hostilities was so great that Paul and Silas were sent away under cover of darkness, and they travelled to the next town, Berea. But so great was their hatred for Paul, that those unbelieving Jews followed him, and from Berea Paul escaped to Athens and then went on to Corinth.

It was from there that Paul wrote both of his letters to the 
Thessalonians. This second one deals with a variety of problems and also with a grave misunderstanding of prophecy relating to the second coming of Christ.

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Number of Pages - 32
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2008