Studies in Philippians

Studies in Philippians


Edited by Michael Penny
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Authors: Michael Penny, David Horobin, Ian Davie, David Hickman, Michael Hughes & Michael Tetterington

One of the characteristics of Paul's letter to the Philippians is that of rejoicing and the readers are told to rejoice in prayer, in the gospel, in Christian fellowship, in suffering for the cause, and in the Lord.

The letter gives guidelines to the reader, offering the believer a purpose, a pattern, a prize and a provision.

Examples are brought before us of those who sacrificed self-interest: namely: Christ Himself, Timothy, Epaphroditus and Paul.

Philippians is one of the prison epistles of Paul, written from a Roman cell. We are not likely to be called to undergo the hardships that he suffered but these Studies in Philippians will uplift every believer and fill him with joy.

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Number of Pages - 85
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2017