Studies in Ruth

Studies in Ruth


Michael Penny
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“The story of Ruth is one of the most loved in the Old Testament. Its peaceful pastoral atmosphere, the nobility and faithfulness of its leading characters, a happy outcome from a background of exile and affliction, these are some of the features which have endeared this short narrative to Christian readers of all times. When the surface meaning is so delightful there may seem no occasion to look for a deeper meaning in the story.”

So wrote Charles Ozanne in his book Esther and Ruth.

Without in the slightest disagreeing with the above, the author, in these Studies in Ruth, goes somewhat deeper and in so doing enables the reader to find greater depth of character in both Ruth and Boaz. And in doing so, the reader will gain a greater appreciation of their situation and predicament.

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Number of Pages - 36
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2018