The Book of Immanuel (Isaiah 7-12)

The Book of Immanuel (Isaiah 7-12)


Charles Ozanne
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This is a good look at Isaiah chapters 7-12, a passage containing one of the most well known of Christmas readings.

Many writers on prophecy select verses, seemingly at random, to support their idea of what is to happen in the future. Surely, it is better to take certain chapters from the Bible and allow the prophet to speak for himself; the writer’s task being to explain to us what the prophet meant at the time of writing.

This is what Charles Ozanne has done with Isaiah chapters 7-12, the Book of Immanuel.

In these six chapters we have, in a nutshell, the message of Isaiah as a whole. And here we have encapsulated the message of all the prophets on the key subjects of (a) Israel, (b) the Assyrian, and, most importantly, (c) the role of Israel’s Messiah, the Root and Shoot of Jesse.

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Number of Pages - 96
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2018