The Church and the Sabbath

The Church and the Sabbath


William Campbell
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As Israel emerged from Egypt God gave His Law, including the Ten Commandments, which include the Commandment to keep the Seventh Day, the Sabbath.

When the Christian age was emerging from the Jewish age of the past, vexed questions arose about the relationship of Gentile Christians to this Law.

But during the past 1900 years these questions have been mostly asleep, although there have been a few groups who have continuously observed the Seventh day Sabbath, and not Sunday.

However, in this series of articles, attention is focussed not so much on the Law or the Sabbath, but on “What is the Church?” When the calling and place of the Church, its constitution and destiny are understood, the place of the Law and the Sabbath will appear in its true perspective.

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Number of Pages - 100
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2017