The Destiny of the Damned

The Destiny of the Damned


Arnold V Page
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“How can a God of love deliberately torment unbelievers for ever in hell, especially if they have never heard of Jesus?”

That is a question many Christian writers fail to address. However, in this book Arnold Page faces it head on by showing, from the pages of Scripture, that God does not do such a thing, and that eternal torment is not the fate of unbelievers.

Indeed, some of them will have their names written in the Book of Life.

Contents include:

  • The basis of judgment
  • The fate of the unrighteous in the New Testament
  • Death, destruction or perishing
  • Gehenna, the Gehenna of fire, fire
  • Weeping and gnashing of teeth
  • Punishment
  • Torment
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Number of Pages - 48
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2018