The Dividing Line - Acts 28

The Dividing Line - Acts 28


David Tavender
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There's no doubt about it - even the most faithful believers and the most scholarly theological minds confess that parts of the Bible are simply perplexing. Unusual events, incredible miracles, strange apparitions ... there are passages that confuse and confound; some parts even appear to conflict, but there is a key!

We can't claim to have all of the answers, but a good many of the questions can be answered when we understand more about the 28th chapter of Acts, a major dividing line in the working out of God's purposes.

With these things in mind, this booklet seeks to illustrate:

  • the place of Acts 28 in God's plans
  • the differences in God's dealings with believers before and after the events of Acts 28
  • the importance of acknowledging the significance of this chapter in our daily Christian walk
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Number of Pages - 64
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2017