The Importance of Accuracy

The Importance of Accuracy


E W Bullinger
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Bullinger wrote two detailed studies on The Importance of Accuracy. The first, which forms chapter 1-6 of this publication, was The importance of accuracy in the study of Scripturewhich first appeared in 1915 as a pamphlet and was advertised in Things to Come (Volume XXI, October 1915).

Bullinger continued to write on this subject and the following year published the more detailed work The importance of accuracy in the study of the words of Scripture, chapters 7-9 of this publication.

The first chapters commence by dealing with the “apparent” discrepancies between Stephen’s speech, reported in Acts 7, and the events he mentioned which are recorded in the Old Testament. Bullinger asserts there are no discrepancies, and that the problem is caused by lack of accuracy on the part of commentators who have failed to note all the details. He follows this up with other illustrations of inaccurate exposition, and then has some very useful material on such subjects as:

  • The use of names in Scripture
  • The Divine Names and Titles
  • The New Testament Divine Titles
  • Interpreting unfulfilled prophecy

The last chapters deals with the need to be accurate with the individual “words” of Scripture and contains what Bullinger called twelve “Canons” which are explained in the text of this publication but which are dealt with more thoroughly in his book How to Enjoy the Bible.

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Year of Publication - 2012