The Last Days! When?

The Last Days! When?


Michael Penny
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When we read the expression "the last days" in our Bibles we automatically think of the times leading up to Christ's return, but are we right in doing so?

"The last days" is a translation of the Hebrew achariyth hayyamim, which occurs just fourteen times in the Old Testament. The expression is translated by such varying expressions as "the last days", "that latter days", "days to come", "the future".

The author looks at each of these references and shows that each one is associated with a prophecy He then endeavours to find out when that prophecy was fulfilled, or when it will be fulfilled.

This enables the reader to ascertain what is meant by "the last days". However, it is not the intention of this publication to give a detailed exposition of each of those prophecies. Rather the aim is to find out when that prophecy was, or is, to happen. In doing this we will have a better understanding of what the Bible means by achariyth hayyamim, "the last days".

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Number of Pages - 57
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2017