The Lord's Prayer: Context and relevance for today

The Lord's Prayer: Context and relevance for today


Brian Sherring
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BrianChapter 1. Prayer in General

Difficult clauses in the prayer

The Lord’s Prayer and Jewish liturgy

Chapter 2. Context and content of the prayer

Setting within the Sermon on the Mount

Textual Variations and structure: Matthew and Luke

Chapter 3. “Our Father” in its context

Background to The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father which art in heaven”

God as ‘Father’

Chapter 4. The Father and His dwelling place

Father in the Old Testament

Which art “in heaven”

The Heavenly Places (Ephesians)

Chapter 5. Hallowed be thy name

The name of God

“I-will-be-what-I-will be”

Chapter 6. Thy kingdom come (on earth)

The Kingdom of Heaven v. The Kingdom of God

The reign of God over the earth

Chapter 7. Give us this day our daily bread

Our daily bread, not my daily bread

Daily bread for the disciples

Daily bread and a ‘spiritual’ interpretation

Chapter 8. Forgiveness and the people of God

Attempts to deny this conclusion

To whom was The Lord’s Prayer given to initially?

Chapter 9. Temptation and the Evil One

Lead (us) not


Temptation and the kingdom

Chapter 10. The doxology and final thoughts

The Doxology

The Lord’s Prayer today

Final Thoughts

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Number of Pages - 86
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2021