The Message of the Synoptics

The Message of the Synoptics


W M Henry
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This book examines the earthly ministry of the Lord Jesus, as set out in the first three Gospels — the so-called ‘Synoptic’ Gospels — in its dispensational setting. The Lord, preceded by John the Baptist, came to Israel as foretold by Isaiah and other prophets, as the nation’s Messiah, and to take His place on the throne of His father David.

He came preaching that the people should repent because the Kingdom was at hand. But what was the nature of that Kingdom and what were the criteria for entry to it? And what are the implications of Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension for the establishment of the Kingdom?

The book explores the Synoptic Gospels through seven chronological phases, each marking a different stage in the Lord’s earthly ministry, and will provide Christian readers with a clearer understanding of the nature of His mission to Israel and beyond.




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Number of Pages - 248
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2021