The Miracles of The Gospels

The Miracles of The Gospels


Michael Penny
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Speaker: Michael Penny

6 studies on 3 CDs

The Westminster Bible Dictionary, page 399, states:  
‘The miracles of the Bible are confined almost exclusively to four periods, separated from each other by centuries:

  1. The period of redemption of God’s people from Egypt and their settlement in Canaan under Moses and Joshua.
  2. The life and death struggle of the true religion with heathenism under Elisha and Elijah.
  3. The exile, when God showed his power and supremacy over the gods of the heathen even though his own people were in captivity (think of Daniel and his companions for instance and the incident of the fiery furnace).
  4. The introduction of Christianity when miracles attested the person of Christ and his doctrine.

Outside of these four periods, miracles are rare indeed.

These six studies by Michael Penny are a detailed consideration of the first part of the  last great period of miracles, those performed by Christ in the Gospels – and the second part of the last great period of miracles: i.e. those performed by the Apostles during the Acts Period. (Michael Penny deals with those in his book "The Miracles of the Apostles".)

Number of Discs - 3
Number of Studies - 6