The Most Quoted Old Testament Prophecy

The Most Quoted Old Testament Prophecy


Michael Penny
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If you asked ‘Which Old Testament prophecy do the New Testament writers quote more than any other?’ I wonder what your answer would be?

I wonder if you would give the correct answer? Most people would not, but this is not intended as an insult because the author himself was surprised when he discovered which prophecy it was.

This ‘most quoted Old Testament prophecy’ is seldom spoke about from the pulpit, or studied in Bible Studies, or featured in books. Naturally commentaries that deal with that particular passage of the Old Testament, or with those parts of the New Testament which quote the prophecy, do comment upon it, but generally speaking it is not the subject of sermons, studies or books.

Why is that? After all, a prophecy, which the New Testament writers quote and refer to more than any other, must be of significant importance. So why do Christian writers and speakers ignore this prophecy?

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Number of Pages - 85
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2017