The Person of God in the Form of Man

The Person of God in the Form of Man


Vicky Wilkinson
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There are many publications dealing with doctrine and many others dealing with devotion. However, in this treasure Vicky Wilkinson manages to combine both doctrine and devotion.

By considering what the Bible says about God’s face - His eyes, ears, nose, nostrils, and mouth - and about other parts of the body - His right hand, His hands, His strong arm, and His feet - we have presented here God in the form of man. .

However, we also have a picture of Christ, the image of the invisible God. The scriptures clearly show that He is God’s eyes, ears, nose, nostrils and mouth. He is God’s right hand and mighty arm, and when His feet walked this earth, the feet of God touched His creation.

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Number of Pages - 70
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2017