The Principle of Structure in Scripture

The Principle of Structure in Scripture


Andrew Morton
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Since The Principle of Structure in Scripture is little known, the author wisely commences this book with a simple example of ‘correspondence’. He considers the opening three chapter of the Bible and the closing three chapters, and shows the correspondence there is between them in:

  • subjects;
  • themes;
  • words.

It was long ago discovered that the form of the Old Testament writings lay in the repetition of synonymous, or contrasting, thoughts or words in successive lines. Later, this was extended beyond lines to stanzas and paragraphs (spoken of as “correspondence”). Then, later still, to the books of Scripture. Eventually the whole Bible and all its separate books, and the various divisions and sections of each of those separate books, were seen, by reason of recurring themes and subjects, and even words, to have underlying them a marvelous balance in parallelism or correspondence. This is what is known as The Principle of Structure in Scripture, and the author does an excellent job in explaining it simply and in giving many examples to illustrate the principle.

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Number of Pages - 46
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2017