The Prophecies of Daniel

The Prophecies of Daniel


William Campbell
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The Book of Daniel is of special significance to mankind today.

A tremendous change took place in God’s administration of the world in Daniel’s day, (2 Chronicles. 36; Daniel 2), and its effects have continued ever since.

However, there is every indication, from the Bible, and from the present world situation, that that change is about to be reversed, with powerful effects upon the whole political outlook. None will understand but those who are familiar with the Bible in general, and the Book of Daniel in particular.

God’s purpose in Daniel is evidently:

  1. To demonstrate to earth’s rulers then living, and to place it on record for all future generations, that God overrules all human history; and
  2. That Israel will be restored to the headship of the nations.

In keeping with this, the Book of Daniel contains marvellous prophecies of God’s purpose for this earth, overcoming human and Satanic wickedness, and establishing His earthly Kingdom at last, under “The Son of Man”, identified as “Messiah the Prince”

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Number of Pages - 160
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2017