The Psalms – Charts

The Psalms – Charts

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Michael Penny, Sylvia Penny
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Charts by Sylvia Penny

  1. The Psalms are split into five books
    • Repetitions in the Psalms
  2. The Psalms are a ‘collection of collections’  
    • Further analysis of the five books of Psalms
    • The Elohistic Psalter
  3. Superscriptions or Titles for the Psalms
  4. There are 5 main categories of Psalms (per Hermann Gunkel) 
  5. Historical Psalms 
  6. Seven Penitential Psalms (per Matthew Henry) 
  7. The Songs of Ascent (or steps or degrees)

Charts by Michael Penny

  1. Acrostics
  2. Acrostics in the Bible
  3. Psalm 34
  4. Psalm 119