The Speeches in Acts

The Speeches in Acts


W M Henry
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"The speeches are the meat on the bones of the historical narrative and serve to explain the message which was being proclaimed immediately after the Lord's resurrection and ascension."

So writes W.M. Henry in his introduction to this subject. He then goes on to consider:

  • Peter's speeches to the Jews
  • Stephen's speech to the Sanhedrin
  • Peter's speeches in relation to Gentiles
  • Paul's speeches to Jews and God-fearing Gentiles
  • James' speeches to the Apostles and Elders
  • Paul's speeches to Pagans

This publication is a valuable introduction in how to study the Bible by comparing one scripture with another gain greater insight. Readers will profit much from the author's research.

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Number of Pages - 32
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 1987