The Speeches in Acts

The Speeches in Acts


W M Henry, Andrew Marple, Michael Penny, Cliff Richmond
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Speakers: W M Henry, Andrew Marple, Michael Penny & Cliff Richmond

8 studies on 3 CDs

"The speeches are the meat on the bones of the historical narrative and serve to explain the message which was being proclaimed immediately after the Lord's resurrection and ascension."

  • The context: The historical development of Acts.  Michael Penny
  • Peter’s Speeches to Jews – Pentecost and after.   WM Henry
  • Peter’s Speech to Cornelius & the Jerusalem leaders’ response.   Michael Penny
  • Paul’s Speeches to Jews & God-fearers [in Antioch], to Jews in Jerusalem and to Agrippa. Andrew Marple 
  • James’s Speech to the Jerusalem Council. Cliff Richmond
  • Paul’s Speeches to Pagans in Athens and Lystra, and to Felix .  W M Henry
  • Paul’s Final Speech to Jews in Acts 28. Michael Penny
  • Summary and Conclusion: W M Henry
Number of Discs - 3
Number of Studies - 8