The Ways of God in Grace (Illustrated by the Ways of God in Creation)

The Ways of God in Grace (Illustrated by the Ways of God in Creation)


E W Bullinger
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The basis for this book was a Bible Reading given by Dr. E W Bullinger at the Mildmay Conference on the afternoon of Thursday June 23, 1893. He opened the conference with various definitions of ‘grace’ and concluded that:

“Grace is the favour of God when there is nothing to draw it forth, nothing to elicit it any way – the uninfluenced favour of God – and in this view creation was at any rate, in a sense, a work of grace.”

He then went on to say that there was no reason why God should have created; so far as we know for we are not told. There was no necessity upon His part, for “all things are of God.” Continuing on, he stated that it is just the same in the new creation.

The rest of the Bible Reading, and the rest of this book, draws many parallels between the original physical creation recorded in Genesis 1 and 2, and the acts of salvation which results in those who believe in Christ becoming a new creation.

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Number of Pages - 68
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2019