The Man Timothy

The Man Timothy


Michael Penny
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Timothy: The Man! is a biography of Timothy. It goes through the Acts of the Apostles and all the letters which mention Timothy. It follows his life from when he met Paul in Lystra, tracing his activities as he accompanied Paul on his second and third missionary journeys. It goes with him when he was sent on special errands by Paul, and is there with him when he visited the Apostle in Rome.

But what was Timothy like as a man? How did he mature as a person, and as a Christian? How did he cope with the trials and tribulations of this life? When we look at questions like this we find that Timothy is something of an enigma, but perhaps we are all enigmas in different ways! We all have our strong points and our weak points, and Timothy was no different, but what was his Achilles' heel? What caused him to change from being fearless and encouraging others, to being timid and needing encouragement? Several answers are suggested and in considering these questions there are lessons for us all.

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Number of Pages - 92
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2017