Trees and their Symbolism in the Bible

Trees and their Symbolism in the Bible


Vicky Wilkinson
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Why write on trees in the Bible? Most of us agree that we could not imagine our world without trees. They have such a beauty and splendour about them that turns any green space into a beauty spot.

Some time ago, the BBC brought together three people—a Muslim, a Hindu and a Christian—and asked each to talk for a few minutes, and discuss, ‘trees’ in their religion. Could you do that? The author’s son heard that programme and told his mother that it would make an interesting subject on which she could write. She took up that challenge.

Trees are very prominent in the Bible and, like a walk in the woods, this booklet is a wander through the pages of Scripture, allowing the trees to give us their message and tell us their own Bible stories.

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Number of Pages - 36
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2022