Understanding The New Testament

Understanding The New Testament


Michael Penny
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Speaker: Michael Penny

This series looks at important words and doctrines as to how frequently they occur in the New Testament and where.

They are easy to follow as the speakers notes and references, rather than the speaker, are shown on the screen.

  1. The three divisions of the New Testament - The Gospel Period, The Acts Period and the Post Acts Period; Abraham; Isaac; Jacob; Israel and Israelite; Moses.
  2. Hebrews; Jews; Jewish; Jerusalem; Covenants; Priests; Fasting; Healing.
  3. Evil spirits; Demons; Sexual Immorality; Sabbath.
  4. Circumcision; The Mosaic Law; Jews; Proselytes; God Fearers; Pagans; Christian Jews; Christian Gentiles.
  5. Jew & Gentile Relationships; The Jew first; Gentiles to make Israel envious; Jewish and Gentile Christians made one; Equal heirs, equal members & equal sharers; Baptised in water; Baptised in the Spirit.
  6. Christian leaders; The near return of Christ … in the Gospels … in Acts … in the Jewish letters … in Paul’s earlier letters
Number of Discs - 1
Number of Studies - 6