Unity in Christ

Unity in Christ


Michael Penny, Cliff Richmond
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Speakers: Cliff Richmond & Michael Penny

3 studies on 2 DVDs

This is a well produced video of a 2009 Open Bible Trust Conference hosted by the Grace of God Ministries church in Coventry. The talks are given in English and with translation in to Urdu by Pastor Harbans Masih.

Michael Penny gave the first study, dealing with the disunity that existed between the Jewish and Gentile Christians of the Acts Period.

Cliff Richmond then followed on, and in the second study showed how these two groups were made one after Acts 28:25-28, by God abolishing the Mosaic Law for the Jewish Christians. This study drew heavily upon Ephesians, the great letter of unity.

In the third study Cliff spoke on the Unity of the Spirit, Ephesians 4:1-3. This unity was made by God and embraces all true believers. Our job is not to make this unity, but to keep it or guard it.

Number of Discs - 2
Number of Studies - 3