Unity in Christ

Unity in Christ


Michael Henry, W M Henry
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The subject of Christian Unity has exercised the minds of Christians for centuries and continues to do so. This book is an exploration of what the Scriptures have to say about the unity that believers presently have in Christ and the potential that exists for still greater unity in the future – even beyond this present life. 

The book opens with a consideration of what is meant by “unity,” noting the fact that it is not uniformity. The second chapter explores the present unity between believers and its parallels with the unity among the Trinity. Chapter 3 discusses the pictures of unity that are presented in the New Testament, while chapter 4 goes on to describe one particular unity – that between Jewish and Gentile believers, revealed by Paul in his later epistles. 

The unity that we possess today is the Unity of the Spirit and chapter 5 focuses on how we are urged to guard that unity. However, there is also a unity still to be attained – The Unity of the Faith – and chapters 6 and 7 discuss this theme, showing its implications for our belief and conduct.  

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Number of Pages - 106
Size - A4
Year of Publication - 2024