What are we? Saints? ... Sinners? ... or Both?

What are we? Saints? ... Sinners? ... or Both?


Ron Moore
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Why do some Christians play down their ‘saintliness’? Is it because many understand neither the true meaning of the word ‘saint’ nor what their position as a Christian signifies? In the Bible those referred to as ‘saints’ are neither super-Christians nor perfect people who have never sinned. Rather they are ‘ordinary’ folk who happen to be believe in Christ and, as a result, there are four different ‘gifts’ that God bestows upon them, namely:

  • Life through His name,
  • Identification with Christ,
  • A seat in the Heavenly Places, and finally,
  • Completeness, or, being ‘filled with the fullness of God’. 

 As a result of these wonderful gifts, a ‘saint’ becomes someone who, though human and thus falling short of perfection, is seen as perfect by God. 

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Number of Pages - 16
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2021