What Christians Believe and Do

What Christians Believe and Do


Vicky Wilkinson
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This booklet has been set out under three headings:

  • Before conversion
  • The process of  salvation
  • Walking forward in faith

However, the  author assumes that the reader has come to believe in Jesus Christ. Thus her aim is to build on that foundation by helping believers understand more about what has actually happened to them. She does this by considering such issues as:

  • Why we need salvation
  • What it entails
  • What it means for us, and
  • What is expected of us following salvation.

The subject has been dealt with in a straightforward manner, touching on each aspect briefly but  informatively. By considering what is involved in God’s work of redemption, it is hoped that readers will get to know more about our Saviour, Jesus Christ, and appreciate more fully just what He has done for us.

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Number of Pages - 36
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2008